Wampler Thirty Something


Famous bell like quality and brilliance of clarity. Amazing response and possibly one of the most famous tones ever heard. The Thirty Something is the result of 3 years of hard work.  It’s the closest you will get to THAT tone from YOUR rig

As you would expect from Wampler Pedals, great care has been taken to ensure authenticity of tone. The EQ features a Top Cut (not an inverted treble boost), that reacts and removes the same spectrum of frequencies you would expect from the originals. Switchable gain stages allow you a much clearer tone right up to the “that” beautiful, almost regal overdrive. On the inside is a trim pot that will adjust the input gain; so if you are using a guitar with hotter pickups, dropping this back a touch will allow you to retain a true clean tone. Brian has taken his time to ensure that this pedal is “just” right. With the built in Class A treble boost, this really is the ultimate pedal of its kind.