On-site Repairs/Maintenance

Most routine instrument repairs & maintenance are conducted on site to ensure the quickest turnaround. The attention to detail & care for your valued equipment is paramount, down to the smallest of details like ‘how strings should be wound around the tuning machines’, or ‘what kind of neck relief we try to replicate each time’ (unless you have specific requirements). It is in these finer details, that allow us to release serviced instruments of consistent quality & in the best possible condition.

Off-site Technicians

For servicing that is beyond our On-site capabilities, we call upon our specialized team of Off-site Technicians:

    • The Peghead (Mike Spicer) for complex structural repairs, restorations, folk instrument servicing, custom instrument builds & finishing/cosmetic work. 
    • Mark Atkinson (previously the head of guitar repairs for Songbird Music in Toronto) for complex structural repairs, restorations, custom pickups & pickup repairs.

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