Service F.A.Q.

What are your rates for repairs & how do I get a quote?

With both simple & complex service issues, each case is unique and thus, the rates will vary. We are aware of industry standard rates & references, but you will find that both our turnaround times and fees are more than realistic, reasonable & welcoming. Simply contact us for an initial explanation of your problem, and we can arrange for you to bring in the item in question for a proper diagnostic. 

Do you charge by hour or by job?

Some jobs are standardized & will incur flat fees. Flat fees are commonly applied to instrument repairs. Other jobs (usually for amps & electronics) that contain more variables will incur a reasonable hourly rate of $50. Flat fees apply to such routine amp/electronic services such as biasing, re-tubing, speaker installation, & other repetitive and consistent type of services.

Is there a cost for a diagnostic?

All electronic diagnostics will incur a modest fee of $30 to investigate & determine the course of action. Stringed instruments diagnostics will usually incur no fees. Electronics diagnostics on stringed instruments are the exception & may incur a diagnostic fee depending on the complexity of the diagnostic. If there is a fee related to a particular stringed instrument diagnostic, we will communicate this to you up-front. Diagnostic fees are required to be paid up-front before we begin the diagnostic.

Is there a minimum bench charge for guitar repairs?

Our minimum bench charge for any guitar repair is $15. Some exceptions may apply at our discretion.

Do you do ‘Repairs-While-U-Wait’?

Repairs require thoughtful consideration & for best results - undivided attention. For these reasons alone, we do NOT offer ‘Repairs-While-U-Wait’. Please allow us to be ‘in our zone’ to do the very best work on your repair item without distractions. On occasion, some exceptions apply, but repairs are expected to be left on premises. We will, however, take every step to expedite your repair so that we can get it fixed and back in your hands as soon as possible. Remember that ‘Haste makes waste’, so you wouldn’t want us to rush or mis-diagnose your problem for the sake of expediency, right?

I heard about your ’10 Minutes On The Bench Policy’. What is that?

This is a courtesy that we created to help you resolve your potential problem as quickly as possible & at the least cost to you, so that you may potentially be in & out within 10 minutes time. It gets you on your way sooner & reduces our repair queue times to devote to more labour-intensive repairs.

This is how it works: If we can diagnose a simple problem within 10 minutes time, we will NOT charge you our diagnostic fee ($30). If we can FIX your problem within 10 minutes time, you will be charged the $15 minimum bench charge only and not subjected to our hourly bench rate. Beyond 10 minutes of any attempt at diagnostic or repair, we will have to stop & require you to leave your repair item with us & the diagnostic fee will then apply. The item will then be put into our repair queue.

How long will I be without my instrument?

As we strive to keep up with our repairs, our On-site guitar services have a guaranteed turnaround time of within 3 business days. When instruments are repaired Off-site, it is at the discretion & production queue of the luthier in charge. Expert luthier service can range from 1 week to a couple of months depending on the nature of the repair. Cosmetic & finishing repairs take the most time, followed by structural repairs. Routine services conducted Off-site are usually completed in 1 to 2 weeks. The wait is ALWAYS worth it for complex repairs, because we are utilizing masters in their craft with years of experience & reputation behind them. This is where patience is a virtue!

How long will I be without my amp or electronic equipment?

Amps & electronic equipment are by nature much more complex than an organic instrument (like a guitar) that is merely comprised of wood, wire & steel. Diagnostics on amps are much more difficult to perform as there are many more variables that need to be tested when trouble-shooting. Hence, our On-site amp repairs can vary from a week to a month+, still placing us as one of the quickest turnaround depots in this industry. Off-site amp repairs rely on the demands of the technicians repair queue & may take a little longer. We will make every effort to check-in with you regularly if we know your repair is slated for a longer stay. Occasionally, an extended wait is a result of sourcing & acquisition of obscure parts that are no longer in production, but are needed for your repair. In such an instance, you are given the option to & encouraged to source out and provide us those parts so that we can get on with what WE do best - that is, to have your equipment repaired as soon as possible. At any time when you can provide a schematic for us, it will reduce our trouble-shooting time, repair time, and lower your overall repair bill.

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