About Us

The 'Official' Statement:

Mojo Music is Canada's Original & Definitive 'brick & mortar' Boutique Guitar Pedals & Effects Retailer since 2008, along with specialty amps, custom instruments, and Pro Guitar Shop services for repairs, upgrades & modifications.  We are here to provide you with some of the finest & most eclectic music products in the industry to satisfy your craving for tone.  We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us & invite you to visit our boutique personally if you are local or visiting in the area.  To understand our vibe even MORE, click here.

The 'Unofficial' Statement:

We began as a very small independent store before the boutique market became over-saturated and dominated by large chains, on-line 'non-brick & mortar' operations, retail/distributor hybrids, on-line retail back-channels, and anyone who thinks there's still 'room in the game'.  We've realized our only forte is straight-forwardness, honesty & integrity.  This translates to no b.s. from us - at all.  Our die-hards know it, and new customers find us surprising and refreshing.  However, accolades, fans & good vibes are not enough to keep any business going without enough traffic or sales.  As a consequence, we have adopted a 'floating hours' model, that balances our staff coverage, with my personal family commitments, my professional performance commitments, and other business endeavours that I must engage in to keep Mojo Music going.  My apologies if our hours may seem inconvenient, but in reality, it may be even MORE convenient in many ways, because YOU have the owner on speed-dial 24/7, along with our online store that operates 24/7 and my willingness to make after-hours appointments when necessary.  I consider my customers as 'friends' and will always treat you as such.  Keeping it real.  See you soon! - Peter T

Location:  461 N. Service Road W. Unit B-8 | Oakville | Ontario | L6M2V5 | T (905) 842-2665