Radial StageBug SB-6 Isolator


The Radial StageBug SB-6 is a high performance 2-channel passive audio isolator designed to accommodate both balanced and unbalanced signals and work effectively at eliminating noise when used with instruments, consumer electronics as well as professional line-level devices.
- Isolator for balanced and unbalanced signals
- Eliminates hum and buzz caused by ground loops
- Exceptionally linear from 20Hz to 20kHz
- Automatically configures for hi-Z or lo-Z signal chains

IceCube IC-1 Balanced Line Isolator and Hum Elimintor
The Radial IceCube IC-1 is a balanced line level isolator designed to quickly eliminate hum and buzz problems in an audio system by simply inserting it into the signal path.
- Eliminates hum & buzz caused by ground loops
- Exceptionally linear response from 20Hz to 18kHz
- Able to handle pro output levels without choking
- Plug & play easy to use with XLR in & out