Indie IRK Electric Bass

$399.99 $599.99


The Indie IRK 4-String Electric Bass is a great sounding, classic looking bass. The IRK 'toaster' pickups have a warm, crunchy tone with just the right overtones for rich bass sounds with strong attack. The switchable mono/stereo output jack lets you use different sounds simultaneously, creating beautiful stereo recordings, double amped guitar sounds or using different effects on each channel. Traditionally the stereo output on bass guitars has been used to amplify the higher frequency pickup through a guitar amp while sending the lower pickup through a bass amp for the widest, deepest sound. The stereo output was a major and popular feature of the iconic Rickenbacker guitars known as 'Ric-O-Sound'.

Model Indie IRK 4-String Electric Bass
Body Alder
Neck Maple
Neck Binding None
Joint Set in neck
Fretboard Rosewood
Machine Heads Diecast chrome
Top Nut Graphite
Hardware Chrome
Pickups 2 Indie Toaster Pickups
Electrics 2 volume, 2 tone, 3-way toggle
Output Mono/Stereo jack (mini-toggle)
Frets 20 frets
Finish Natural