Pigtronix Fat Drive XL


Pigtronix Fat Drive XL distortion pedal

Pigtronix FAT Drive XL combines two of our most powerful circuits into a single, high performance, dual footswitch stompbox. This custom shop pedal boasts independent FAT Drive and Class A Boost functions that can be individually engaged or stacked together to produce everything from touch sensitive, high output drive to ultra-saturated high gain distortion, at any volume. Both the drive and boost sections in the FAT XL are based on Pigtronix unique analog designs that set the world standard for touch sensitivity, note clarity and low noise operation.

Equally effective with instrument or line level signals, the FAT Drive XL is the ultimate live performance or studio recording tool for musicians seeking all analog tube emulation and a mastering grade preamp for their instrument or even finished tracks. Additional flexibility is delivered via Send & Return jacks on the back side of the pedal that allow additional effects to be patched in between the overdrive and boost circuits on the FAT XL.