Cioks 1000-R Open End Flex, Round Cable & Angled RCA Plug/ 150cm (Black)


Our two types open end Flex allow you to make cables of custom length. The one with order no. 1000 is 120cm and made with the same cable type as all the other Flex cables and has a cross section as the digit 8. It’s fitted with the same RCA plug as the other Flex cables CIOKS offers. The other with order no. 1000-R is 150cm with a round cable allowing nicer routing on a pedalboard and with a space saving angled RCA plug for the power supply end. The round cable is also more heavy duty due to thicker isolation. The right type pedal end DC plug needs to be soldered minding correct polarity onto either of these two  open end Flex. At this point we do not offer bulk DC plugs so these must be obtained from another vendor.