Many trips to Mojo Music and the staff is excellent. The product lines carried and store atmosphere is the reason you go in the first place but the friendly and helpful staff is why you come back. - Chris Crawford
Very knowledgeable staff and a killer selection tied in with a reliable and affordable amp repair service makes Mojo the best in town. - Josh Havin
Peter and the staff are great. Peter helped my son try out different amps and took the time to give some great advice and get the ideal rig. - Eric Landry
Really one of the greatest music stores I've ever been in. Great friendly service. Also, on a side note, it's also nice to see an owner that takes care in constantly updating his website and Facebook pages with all the new gear that comes in. Keeps things fresh. Will definitely be back!! - Vince McLaughlin
Peter and his staff are fantastic. I've never received anything short of impeccable service and advice from the guys at Mojo. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work guys. - Filipe Martins
Purchased a Charvel San Dimas Wildcard #8 over the phone and Peter and Dylan were a pleasure to deal with. Extremely professional and helpful, I live in Edmonton - they shipped it to me and it arrived today in perfect condition.
I look forward to doing business with them in the future. Thanx guys!! - Rob Staynor
I'm a fairly newbie guitar player and I went around to Mojo Music today for a little advice on a recently purchased used guitar that I bought on Kijiji (a set up question - I had more fret buzz than I liked).  Peter and Dylan were a great help in fixing the fret buzz and provided great customer service!

I picked up a couple items I'd been meaning to get while I was there (strap locks, etc) - the parts wall looked well stocked, and it looked like they had a decent selection of strings.

I had a quick look at the electric guitars hanging on the wall and there seemed to be a good mix of entry to advanced guitars for sale.  Even though I declared myself to be a newbie I was asked if I wanted to have them take a Gibson Les Paul that I was looking at off of the wall to try it out - no pressure to buy, just a helpful store (I've read enough other music store reviews where people felt that they weren't allowed to touch the nicer/more expensive  guitars, so kudos to Mojo Music!).

Overall a very positive experience...I will definitely be back in the future. - Tim Raynor
One of the best music stores I've been to. Great selection of pedals from really cool boutique companies and Aguilar bass gear. Aguilar! In the GTA.....worth the visit alone. Peter the owner has always been cool and the staff are really helpful and let you try stuff out without pressuring you (nice change around this area!). Cannot recommend enough! - James Anthony

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