Cioks 1533 3-Way Daisy Chain Flex type 1 Cable


This Flex cable makes it possible to power three pedals using one outlet of the power supply:

You need to make sure that the three pedals can all be powered by the same voltage and that they all use the most common 5.5/2.1mm centre negative DC-plug (BOSS standard). The good thing about this daisy chain cable is that you have more length in between the DC-plugs (30cm) which gives more design freedom when placing the effects on your pedal board. The first plug on the cable is 50cm from the power supply.
Note: the daisy chain Flex cable has all three DC-plugs connected in parallel to the RCA plug which goes into the power supply's outlet. To be on the safe side we recommend using the daisy chain Flex with analogue pedals only. This is to avoid a digital pedal introducing noise into your guitar signal when being powered in a parallel connection with a simple analogue pedal.

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