Temple Dual Buffer Module


The BUFR MOD is a utility module for your 1/4" inputs and outputs that does a lot... but in a nutshell;  allows you to buffer and split your signal in a variety of ways. It mounts in a mini module slot of your Templeboard's Modular Endpanel and saves you real-estate for more pedals on the top of your board.

The two isolated buffers (powered by Matthews Effects) bring frequencies back into your signal that can be lost by long chains of pedals/cables, vintage pickups, etc. The direction of flow on each channel is configurable as either an input or output and bypassable for situations where you may only want one channel buffered. This allows you to: 

- sandwich your effects between a buffer at both the beginning and end of your fx chain.
- use both channels as a stereo buffer in/out.
- buffer just one of the channels, allowing for passive feed thru of mono or TRS cables

The BUFR MOD also allows you to split a mono signal out to two amps/lines or send a parallel out to both your fx and a tuner without any "tone suck".

Power requirement: 9-18v (50 mA)
Dimensions: 3.64" x 1.16" x 1.25