Swart STR Tremolo


This is our new favourite go to option, the latest amp that is causing all the buzz and intrigue, so much so, it was back ordered before #1 had even left the shop. And who wouldn't want all the amazing tone and compelling breakup of that Swart single-ended, low watt STR glory with all tube reverb AND tremolo? Indeed. Bottom line, it's another great little amp with excellent swirling cleans moving into that great breakup and sweetness all the Swart amps are known for. This is essentially much of the 5w, single-ended Class A STR-Tweed circuit with a unique 3-way EQ switch that is very handy along with this tube tremolo so addictive in the AST. Yep, it's Cathode Biased for no users adjustments with tube sub/rolling. Like all Swart's, can run the 6V6 and 6L6. Bring in ZERO NEGATIVE FEEDBACK for that open, quick, touch sensitive sound. Don't forget the 5AR4/5Y3 Tube rectification for the amazing lack of harshness combined with the wonderful sag and compression when needed. Comes with the Mojo BV30, one of our favourites but LOVES the Celestion Blue Alnico, too! And for a limited time, available in the original STR Tuxedo 60s covering OR the AST style TWEED with dark sides.