Swart AST 1x12 Gold Tweed Cabinet


The AST Head MkI Limited Edition sold out in a record 45 days. What to do? Get Michael working on a second version, this time designed from the ground up to be run as a head, with the added advantage of a MS designed defeatable Master Volume that can be bypassed for the purist! This is the FIRST Master we have liked in a combo as it does not leech the tone and bottom end. The new head can now run 6V6 & 6L6. It's the same great AST circuit that has brought accolades from around the world, except now more flexible than ever! The AST Head II can push 4/8/16ohm cabs and has two outputs. The matching 1x12 cabinet comes stock with the Mojo BV-25 but can be purchased with speaker of choice. As always, the finger-jointed, lacquered tweed, pine cabs are first rate. This is destined to be another classic. More below.