Supro S6420+ Thunderbolt Plus


Want Texas blues? Got it. Want clean Fender tone? Got it. Want some warm crunch? Got it.

A hot-rodded version of the reissued Thunderbolt, the Supro S6420+ Thunderbolt Plus tube guitar amplifier features a 3-way rectifier switch option for more headroom and versatility. Like the Fender Bassman, the Thunderbolt was originally intended to be a bass amplifier. While far from a stellar bass amp, the Thunderbolt quickly became a holy grail tone device for electric guitar players. Indeed, the first time you crank up the Thunderbolt Plus, you'll be treated to a huge, raw, overdriven, rock 'n' roll tone cascading from a custom designed 15" Supro TB15 speaker. Make no mistake - the Supro S6420+ Thunderbolt Plus tube guitar amplifier produces pure rock 'n' roll power!

- All-tube Supro circuit
- Normal and Hot inputs
- Unique Switchable Wattage
- 35-Watts 'Class A' w/ Tube Rectifier
- 45-Watts 'Class AB' w/ Tube Rectifier
- 60-Watts 'Class AB' w/ Silicon Rectifier
- 1x15 Supro TB15 speaker
- 5U4 Tube Rectifier
- Blue Rhino Hide
- Made in USA
- Vintage design by Valco
- Re-engineered and Modified by Bruce Zinky & David Koltai
Tube Complement
- 2x 12AX7EH
- 2x 5881 / 6L6WGC
- 1x 5U4GB
Cabinet Dimensions
- 23 5/8'' x 19'' x 10 1/2''
- 45 lbs