Keeley Seafoam Chorus


The Seafoam Chorus has a stunning tone with a very wide depth.
Keeley produces the perfect blend of Chorus and Vibrato. Chorus fans will be thrilled with tones you can't get in any other effect.

* New analog-digital design for a brand new shimmering chorus effect. Your original guitar signal remains analog and is blended with the digital side to create a killer tone.
* Very unique optocoupler control of Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) for smooth, ultra slow rate and deep depth.
* Low noise circuitry that eliminates noise found in analog designs.
* Vibrato Blend Control  ride the line between vibe and chorus! Don't need chorus, well you need Pitch Vibrato then!
* Tone Control to perfect any vintage analog sound or modern shimmer.
* Keeley designed FET input to capture every nuance from your effects and pickups.
* Designed for guitar level and effects loop levels.