JHS Panther Analog Delay


True Bucket Brigade delay that has the tone and options to cover any style, any use and any player. The Panther Delay is our most anticipated pedal to date with itÍs groundbreaking feature set including tap tempo control that lives within one full second of delay time. The foot-switchable effects loop allows you to place any effect or effects that you want on the repeats only. Another option is the four section ratio control to give you quarter, dotted eighth, eighth and triplet divisions. The built in modulation gives you shimmery Deluxe Memory Man type vibe and can work with tap enabled. The Panther is the first to do this! Our chirp switch gives you two flavours of analog: one is bright and chirpy like the vintage Boss DM-2 or Way Huge AP-1 while the other is darker and more in the background. As the user you have the ability to program an expression control to your favourite knob to use on the fly with no bending down required! The Tap IN/OUT jack lets you remotely tap in a tempo or slave another tap device for amazing live flexibility. All this and more is powered by a standard 9v supply, not a crazy, hard to power voltage. Watch the brief VIDEO MANUAL / OVERVIEW movie below for an in-depth explanation of all the Panthers features!