JHS Colour Box 500


The Colour Box 500 is the studio version of our widely acclaimed Colour Box pedal. The Colour Box 500 is a high-end mic pre and EQ with tones ranging from clean and refined to thoroughly distorted. The heart of the Colour Box 500 is the legendary 1073 gain stage. We cascade two 1073 BA style discrete gain blocks running at 24v for insane amounts of headroom and powerful distortion abilities if needed. The original design JHS seven control EQ is a tone shaping monster and the UK built Carnhill input and output transformers add weight, depth and harmonic distortion just like a vintage console. The Colour Box 500 will be your go-to 500 series module handling all your microphones, line level and 1/4” sources with authority.

If you want the ultimate in 500 series for 2016, look no further than the JHS Colour Box.