Jam Wahcko+ Bass Wah-Wah


Featuring :

  • RED Fasel inductor for pure vintage sound
  • The best wah-pot in the market!
  • Carbon-Comp resistors
  • 6-position rotary switch for 6 different frequency sweep ranges
  • internal trimmer for adjusting the input gain
  • Adjustable tension control to determine how tight or loose you need the foot pedal to be (Allen screw in the back of the pedal).
  • mini LED
  • Optional Seagull effect! (You engage the effect with the optional toggle switch)

*Useful Tip:
Use your Wahcko+ as a tone-shaping tool. Turn the Wahcko+ on, leave it at the toe-down position and experiment with the 6 different settings of the rotary switch. We bet you can find many interesting tones for your lead or rhythm overdriven parts