Catalinbread RAH


Catalinbread RAH

In January 1970 Led Zeppelin hit the stage of London’s historic concert hall, Royal Albert Hall. At this performance Jimmy Page expressed himself masterfully with a broad pallet of tones and GIANT dynamic range. Of course this has a lot to do with Page’s playing technique and Gibson Les Paul. His backline amps, custom Hiwatt heads into Marshall cabinets filled the entire hall with a cornucopia of colours at levels ranging from a mouse whisper to rave ups louder than a jumbo jet taking off only inches over your head.

Catalinbread has captured that sound in the RAH!!

  1. Overdrive inspired by the 1970 Royal Albert Hall performance.

  2. Authentic 3 knob tone stack from the “Jimmy Page” Hiwatt.

  3. Designed to give incredible dynamic response with your pick attack and your guitar’s controls.

  4. Herco pick