Bad Cat Black Cat 15


- Reconfigured to have a more ergonomic layout
- Improved Master Volume circuit to be more responsive
- Improved Reverb circuit for smoother and deeper tones
- Improved Half Power configuration
- 15-Watt
- 2-EL84
- Cathode biased
- 2-Channel EF86 & 12AX7
- Effects loop
- Half power switch
- Foot switchable channel
- Clean to medium gain
If you have ever wanted the amazing tone and feel of our Black Cat 30, only with a more manageable volume - look no further than the Black Cat 15. Just like the 30-watt older brother, the Black Cat 15 is dripping in three dimensional cleans. Push up the gain and go from soft chiming break- up, on through to thick complex gain. Running in Class A, this rig is oozing with harmonics.
Channel one is built on a 12AX7 treble, bass and cut tone stack providing the warm and sweet tone with just the right amount of mid push to cut through the mix. Switch over to channel two and experience the more aggressive, hi-fi sounding EF86 preamp. More chime, more grunt. The EF86 can be switched between the five-way tone selector or the bass and treble tone stack. The tone selector offers a selection of five-tone caps and enables you to adjust the amount of low end content to fit the guitar or situation. Global cut and separate master volumes for each channel can be switched in or out. Available with or without reverb.