Emerson 3 Way Pre-Wired Toggle Switch


Emerson Custom 3 Way Pre-Wried Toggle Switch

-Fits USA made Gibson LP's, USA Made PRS's 245's, Tele Deluxes, Epiphones and most other Gibson-Style imports with very little modification.

-Made In the USA Switchcraft Toggle Switch handwired with color coded pre-tinned 22 gauge wire. All soldered switch connections are reinforced with heatshrink to ensure years of trouble-free use.

Switch Tip NOT Included (Sold Separately)

Total of 5 Leads:

White= Hot To Tip of Input Jack
Black (2) = 1 to the back of any pot, and 1 to the ring of the Input Jack
Yellow = Neck Hot from Switch (Middle Lug of Neck Volume Pot)
Blue = Bridge Hot from Switch (Middle Lug of Bridge Volume Pot)

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