SPL 2601 Transducer


SPL 2601 transducer - analogue speaker/ cabinet mic simulator

The SPL Transducer Model 2601, is an analogue cabinet and miking simulator for guitar amplifiers. In studio and on stage the Transducer replaces the guitar speaker cabinet and microphone(s) so that the time and resource-intensive microphone processing of this loud sonic source is no longer necessary. In addition the Transducer offers much more sonic flexibility and variety than a single mike and cabinet setup because it allows for varied speaker and mike simulations while allowing to retain accustomed features of individual setups (such as the ability to vary level-dependent loudspeaker characteristics and microphone distances). Do you want to record a fully torqued tube amp in a hotel at night? You'll stay: with headphones virtually inaudible to anyone else, soundwise with stunning authenticity, and with the direct response of latency-free analogue gear. The Transducer's purely analogue design and strictly selected components are the key to its extremely fast and complex sonic processing – latency problems simply do not exist! It thereby gives the guitarist a direct response with an authentic punch. The analogue simulation is so lavishly designed and constructed that even the most subtle guitar amp nuances are reproduced. With just a few adjustments the engineer has at his or her disposal a first class guitar signal for either studio recording sessions or in a live P. A. mix.