Malekko Omicron Vibrato Analog


Malekko Omicron Series analog vibrato pedal

This Omicron series vibrato pedal is built with the infamous MN3007 IC. Often counterfeited, these ICs are difficult to obtain but but early in the year 2009 Malekko acquired a giant lot of actual obsolete MN3007 BBD ICs and went to work. The result of using this coveted chip is a superior lush analog true pitch (no dry) vibrato pedal. It’s small size, high quality tone and affordable pricing make this pedal a perfect companion on the road or in the studio.

This true bypass pedal has two control pots: speed and depth. It’s capable of subtle shimmer to awesome deep pitch bending and everywhere in between.

Although this vibrato pedal will operate with a 9VDC regulated neg tip power supply (not included), it will sound fuller, richer, and have more headroom with a 18VDC regulated neg tip power supply (not included).