Keeley Time Machine Boost


The Time Machine Boost is designed to be used with a cranked amp to deliver glorious tones - The TMB is a legend. One of the first dual booster pedals designed with vintage and modern pre-amps.

Redesigned for May, 2014  More Powerful than ever before!
-Contains the legendary Katana and Java Boost circuits.
100% Hand Crafted in the USA.
This is a 2 channel, 5 mode pre-amplifier (booster) for driving your amplifiers into overdrive or saturation. The two channels on the pre-amplifier are labeled Vintage and Modern. The Vintage side is inspired by rare germanium boosts like the Dallas Rangemaster. The Modern side a new +23dB gain dual JFET, very transparent, guitar signal amplifier.
The Time Machine Boast design uses a Maxim MAX1044 voltage doubling IC to get additional headroom. As with all Keeley built electronics it incorporates top-of-the-line audiophile-style parts. Each unit's germanium Vintage side is fine tuned by careful calibration and finally ear tuned to get the perfect treble boosting tones from your amp. The Modern side features the popular J201 JFETS for maximum tube-like tone and pristine, clear highs.
This is a booster designed to be used with other overdrive pedals to complete a tone-package or drive section of your effects setup. This is not an overdrive or distortion pedal. You need to use it with other OD pedals.