Seymour Duncan SM3N Mini Seymourizer Pickup


The Seymour Duncan SM-3n Seymourized Mini Humbucker Neck Pickup is a hotter-than-vintage mini-humbucker. Great for blues, classic rock, southern rock, jam and hard rock. With this unique design, each coil contains a high-carbon steel blade coupled to the bottom-loaded Alnico V magnet. The result is more midrange, more clarity and more detail than the SM-2. Comes with four-conductor hookup cable. Available for both neck and bridge positions. The bridge version is high output. The neck version is compensated for tonal balance. Often, an SM-3b Seymourized is used in the bridge with an SM-1n Vintage in the neck for versatility. For balanced and warm instruments. Works especially well with soft wood bodies (e.g., mahogany and swamp ash) and rosewood fingerboards. Players include Al Schnier / moe., Brian Stoltz / Funky Meters, Dean Parks / sideman. SM-3n Specifications Pickup dimensions: 2.580" L x 1.085" W x 0.585" H Overall dimensions: 3.174" L x 1.085" W x 0.876" H (including mounting tabs) Mounting hole spacing: 2.924" Resistance: 6.29k Resonant Peak: 7 KHz Magnet: Alnico V Bar Connector: Four conductor