Vemuram Rage E


Vemuram Custom Pedal's relic first product. A gem of an overdrive, long sustain, a three-dimensional distortion, 2 orthodox noiseless switches for on/off and boost, a trimmer control for gain range. Vemuram Custom Pedal's relic first product that took over 3 years of rigorous testing form concept to completion.

The Rage e takes all the flatness out of the conventional overdrive pedal and adds another dimension to the tone. The hallmark brass body provides great shielding from the outside and enables a noiseless tone.

A gain control trimmer on the side panel allows for an even more delicate control over the distortion range.

Controls: volume, gain, tone, boost, gain level control

Switches: On/Off, Boost On/Off

Terminal: input, output

Power: 006P (9V battery) or 9V regulated AC/DC adapter

Size: 142mm(W) x 95mm (D) x 50mm (H)

Weight: 680g