Orange Crush PiX CR12L


12 watts of pure Orange. Just like its bigger brothers, the Orange Crush PiX CR12L amplifier has the legendary Orange basket weave Tolex, woven speaker grille, beading and legendary hieroglyphs (PiX) and of course the Orange signature picture frame edging. But it's not just cool looks, plug into this great little Orange Crush amp and you'll soon realize it is Orange through and through.
The CR12L is a practice amp made for every level of guitarist. 3 Band EQ, Over Drive, and Master Volume give you control over the tone. Headphone Out makes it possible to practice anywhere.

Features and Spec:
Features: overdrive, headphone output
Controls: low, mid, high, volume, overdrive, gain
Output Power (Heads and Combos): 12 watts
Power Handling: n/a
Valves (Heads and Combos): n/a
Speaker Output options (Heads): n/a
Speakers (Combos and Cabinets): 6''
Impedance (Cabinets): n/a
Extension Cabinet Options (Combos): n/a
Unboxed Dimensions: 29 x 30.5 x 17 cm
Unboxed Weight: 5.4 kg