Orange Crush PiX CR100BXT


With 100 Watts of power, the CR100BXT is the most powerful and feature-laden in the Crush Pix range. The CR100BXT has a five band EQ section for extensive fine tuning of your sound, plus a contour control which scoops the mid response, great for warm clean tones. effects loop, chromatic tuner, plus an aux in, line out and balanced DI. The CR100BXT's enclosure houses a 15'' speaker for deep lows and punchy mids, making it a versatile practice combo that will also handle smaller venues.

Features and Spec:
Features: Line out, Built in tuner, Aux input for MP3 or CD, Direct out
Controls: Gain, COntour, Presence, Treble, H mid, L mid, Bass, Volume, DI pre/post, DI ground lift
Output Power (Heads and Combos): 100 Watts
Power Handling (Cabinets): n/a
Valves (Heads and Combos): n/a
Speaker Output options (Heads): n/a
Speakers (Combos and Cabinets): 15'', 100 Watt, 4 ohm crush speaker
Impedance (Cabinets): n/a
Extension Cabinet Options (Combos): none
Unboxed Dimensions: 52cm x 51cm x 35cm
Unboxed Weight: 26.45 kg